Creativity - ( Concept )- 25%

Delhi IGI Airport - One of the busiest Airport with over 1 Million passenger per month. Premium passenger with high dwell attracts most advertiser to Airport to display their Brands. But due to high clutter of Brands communication trying to outshout each other often gets missed by RELEVANT audience. Airtel wanted to promote itself as the Best Network for Video Experience in specific cities. Airtel had claim of Best Video Experience for specific cities. The challenge was to deliver the brand message to the relevant audience on Outdoor Display with minimum spillover and capturing the right TG at the right Place.

Presenting 'Airtel Destination Displays'

Innovation - ( Media Strategy & Plan ) - 25%

While the OOH Campaign as executed across all top markets on all Key OOH Media covering Key City Touchpoints, Airtel executed contextual , Smart and Programmatic Digital OOH content at Delhi Airport The Brand Leveraged the power of Digital Screens @ Departure Gates to Deliver City Specific Content to Specific travellers. FIDS Screens were programmed to trigger City Specific content to Specific Digital Screens @ Specific Destination Gates. The program picked up Destination cities from the FIDS system and ran a REAL Time, Destination City specific Content @ the Screens at Each Boarding Gates that kept changing with the change in Destination gates. Leveraged the Digital Display Unit with smart programmatic to reach to specific audience with destination specific displays.

Effectiveness - ( Target Audience & Result ) - 25%

Delivered Custom made and Audience Specific content to over lac of travellers in just about 3 days. Travellers destined to Specific Cities were delivered with the Specific City Specific Content. Minimum spill offs. Maximum visibility. Reaching to the Right audience and driving better ROI.

Production - ( Execution ) - 25%

Created Multiple City Specific content. These creatives were linked and programmed with the FIDS screen that captures the departure gates of each Flight and the information was programmed to Airtel's multiple city communication. The coding enabled different content screened at different boarding gates at the same time delivering specific city content at the screen at the specific Departure Gates.