Name of the brand : CENTRAL PARK

What is the objective and concept behind the campaign:

IGI airport has the correct target audience needed by Central Park as a brand. With this in mind the agency wanted to create something that was visually powerful, clutter breaking, yet simple to comprehend. They did this through a composite visual, with a simple message aimed at creating a high recall. The high-end offering of Central Park is suited best for the swanky and impressive environment of the airport.

Brief given by the client:

The brief given by the client was to bring alive a brand campaign, which will depict the intrinsic values of Central Park and showcase it in the correct consumer perspective. Thus, conjuring an ideal scenario in the creative mind-space of each consumer, where they envisioned having and enjoying living spaces at Central Park.

What was the execution strategy adopted:

The execution strategy was to cover as many passenger at the IGI airport as possible since they are a concentration of the HNI of Delhi NCR and have a good mix of businessmen, employees, senior management members, beaurocrats et al.

Kind of outdoor media used to achieve the objective of the campaign:

Larger than life outdoor media was selected very carefully for this campaign. A grand mix of strategic location, dwell time and legibility was ensured for each site. Through detailed and thorough planning, Central Park has decided to advertise only on niche outdoor sites such as Delhi International airport and Golf Courses. The communication was placed at the arrivals and departures for maximum impact and excellent recall.

Mention the locations and duration of the campaign:

The communication was placed at the arrival and departure to ensure a maximum coverage of all members.

Quote from client

“We want a high impact & clutter free site that can depict the visual approach and direct messaging of Central Park living spaces.” – Mr. AmarjitBakshi, MD Central Park

Quote from Rohit Chopra

“Campaigns like Central Park add stature to the airport portfolio and we are glad to have new brands experimenting with our media.” – Rohit Chopra, CEO