Digital screens are flexible, scalable and offer opportunities for micro targeting through real time content upload. You could also go a step ahead and customize your content based on location and audience profiles. There are over 210 screens to grab eyeballs and each strategically located. The 65 inch screens can also be used to create synchronized displays and multiple screens can be chosen as a package.

The screen network is planned from entry to boarding in the departures and from deboarding to exit in the arrivals. This layout ensures that marketers get a chance to complete their brand story comprehensively and repeatedly.



Compelling and relevant content targets various travelers based on location of each screen – offers scope of interaction and engagement.

E.g News updates and weather check of the arrival destination.

High Reach

We have a unique perspective on digital media advertising and evolving technology and we have developed a digital screen newtork at unique concentration points for premium set of airport travelers.


We offer Creative & technological based digital media solutions for our advertisers to promote their products and services going beyond the boundaries of just visual communication.


Flexible and scalable displays allow real time, micro – targeted content update.

Fastest Uptime

Our Screens reduce creative mounting time to almost nil through remote servers.Software for running,
scheduling & content creation help in seamless and instant upload.


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Fastest TAT

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  • 65″ Screens.
  • World – class Design.
  • Double and single side displays.
  • 201 hand-picked,high trafficked and high impact zones.
  • Multiple screens as a package.
  • Synchronized display for maximum impact.
  • Engagement and interactivity.
  • 95% recall.

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